Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship from the United States to virtually anywhere in the world with delivery in about 10 business days. It’s vitally important on international shipments, however, to have a phone number at the shipment destination in case there is difficulty finding the location.

What is your delivery time frame?

Production intervals vary according to the product and its specific materials. Our typical business card orders require either 3 to 5 or 6 to 8 business days from the date of proof approval, plus shipping. But more elaborate or elite cards may require greater production times, which are indicated in the online order forms.

Can I see my design before purchase?

If you’re designing your own card online, you certainly see it before placing your order. On any custom design or offline order, however, our system requires submission of a fully paid product order before our design team works on your project. But you will see, and be required to approve, a proof before printing, with two free revisions allocated and even additional revisions for a fee.

If you design my website, can I later make updates?

Yes. Inkgility websites are created on a WordPress platform. Once development and/or copywriting is complete, you will be provided login credentials. The WordPress leaning curve is very low; generally we believe anyone who can use Microsoft Word can easily update or tweak a WordPress website.

If you prefer not to address this situation personally, however, we provide a menu of economical maintenance services to which you can subscribe.

If I purchased 1,000 business cards, can 500 be in one person's name and 500 another's?

An “order” is defined by a continuous run of identical cards. Stopping to reload the press with another image file is like landing an airplane halfway between New York City and Los Angeles, as opposed to a non-stop flight..

If I purchase a logo, will it be trademarked?

If you desire a trademarks or a copyright be aware that obtaining one is solely your responsibility. We can assist, however, by linking you to Legal Zoom, which you will find in our Business Services section.

Can I have a website in multiple languages?

Yes. There is an additional fee, but your website can be in multiple languages.

Do you provide shipment tracking numbers?

Yes, you can obtain shipment tracking numbers but only at the point at which your product has been produced. This is not like ordering an off-the-shelf item that immediately goes to shipment. If you request a tracking number, you will receive one via email when it becomes available

If I order online, how do I submit photos and artwork for my printed projects?

Yes. Although it may not be presented at the very beginning of your order, every online ordering system provides an opportunity to upload files somewhere during the order placement process.

Is there any discount for orders of multiple products?

Inkgility’s low pricing does not allow for discounts on orders of multiple products. Occasionally, however, we lump products into specially priced packages but those packages are specific as to what’s involved.