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Technology has created an explosion of marketing channels in more ways than ever to get your message in front of targeted prospects.

INKGILITY has mastered the full repertoire of both traditional and digital marketing techniques – from direct mail to email blasts, from brochures to social media, from signage and t-shirts to websites and apps, from business cards to pay-per-click campaigns.

Masterful marketing combines traditional and digital techniques into the most effective blend of each, helping you to grow your brand, boost profits, and maximize your success.

Let’s face it, you’re an expert in your particular industry; but, unless you have time, energy and a lot money to waste while you learn from your mistakes, effectively blending traditional advertising while creating an online presence is going to be difficult, if not impossible. And that’s why you need marketing experts like us.

And so that you can have a fully integrated marketing program, we can also design and produce your business cards and brochures, postcards and posters, flyers, manuals, print advertisements and all components of traditional collateral material.

We can even put your logo and contact information on everyday items such as pens, calendars, ball caps, mugs and computer mouse pads — items that get months of use, eventually passed along, and always remembered as coming from your company.

As the world’s most innovative marketing company, INKGILITY alleviates the struggle of keeping pace with technology, while making sure your non-digital channels function harmoniously.

Presto. You have in minutes what formerly would have taken days, or in hours what would have taken weeks – if even feasible previously.

Packaging, smartphone cases, 3D business cards, and prototypes of various products can be 3D printed. Lower prototype and production costs, more flexible manufacturing, and better branding on packaging or promotional items are just some of the 3D bonanza.

Hopefully, the technology has become easier to grasp, and you’re getting some ideas of how it can streamline your enterprise, and boost productivity? We can help you take baby steps, until you’re ready for a giant leap into 3D.

Follow this link for more extensive ideas and industry-specific application of 3D printing available from INKGILITY.

rom the world’s largest selection of business cards to soaring to new heights in cyberspace, we have the expertise and experience you need to increase sales and profits significantly.

That means having an outstanding responsive website that’s easy to navigate on all mobile devices and desktops. Using feature-rich mobile apps across any platform

Creating engaging marketing videos, social media marketing, and Facebook apps to interact in new, persuasive ways.

We can do all of this for your business, along with printed materials and

Electronic marketing that includes Search Engine Optimization, Branding, Pay per click marketing, web hosting, domain services, and all e-commerce related activities.

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